Sunday, 21 August 2011

Have Extra Modern Mercy For A Happy Ghost (Dont Forget The !!!)

I spoke recently of the band Extra Happy Ghost!!! (who is basically the brainchild of Matthew Swann) from Calgary. Well their album Modern Horses is out, and it is pretty damn killer. There are punchy numbers like I have intimated in the past, but its the sparser numbers that seem to be sticking in my brain like persistent burrs lately. This album is a bit of a treasure trove for me, a really schizophrenic gem that will titillate at different times on different listens, a shifting sands approach to musical love, and along with the Wombs album has been my background soundtrack for the period we have been unofficially "offline". - which was only a week or so, but whatever Trevor! Just listen to this album, get it, morph with it. (And yes, I spoke about the same stuff a few weeks ago - but the band deserves more exposure. And there are two new(ish) songs below for you to immerse yourselves in. So do IT! ....and buy the album).

Extra Happy Ghost - Mercy, Mercy
Extra Happy Ghost - Pitiful

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