Monday, 29 August 2011

Bill Ryder Jones

I love me some sweeping orchestral soundscapes, and dang nab it if Bill Ryder-Jones hasn't come along to offer me some! The former Coral guitarist has presented his beautiful debut EP, A Leave Taking Soundtrack, is now available as a free download here. Its a truly emotive suite of songs that, whilst only lasting under a quarter hour, takes you on a journey of hopeful sadness, abject joy, and overarching beauty.

Bill Ryder-Jones: ‘When I left the band I wasn't playing much music at all but in 2009 a friend got in touch asking if I would write something for this short he was making, which I did. It's pretty much the only thing I wrote that year but the process opened another world up to me. We thought it'd be nice to give it away to the people who have been interested in what I've been doing on my own and also to hint at the future a little bit. My album, which is a soundtrack inspired by a novel, is pretty much a progression from the things learnt when writing for Leave Taking.’

He's almost finished an LP, If..., so hopefully we will hear more of this aural sculpturing soon...

Bill Ryder-Jones - Nothing Ever Changes

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