Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Don't Ban Those Books

Philadelphia's Banned Books are continuing their journey through the jagged countryside that is cracked, experimental noise-pop. Sharing a warped sonic worldview not dissimilar to buddy Delicate Steve, the uphold the histrionic values of generic song structure with the express purpose to lay it out on the train tracks and watch the calamity unfold. Crazy percussive elements echo Aa or a more LSD-stricken Lightning Bolt, Banned Books wear their eclecticism on their sleeve. Their latest output, a 10" split with Philly friends Arches, is out now through Magic Death Sounds (get it here), and these tracks perfectly showcases this eclectic group in the throes of creative abandon. Listen to their contributions to the release below, as well as a new track 'Malio', that You can also catch them on their tour this September which is scheduled to end with a bang when the band opens for Deerhoof at the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia on Sept 21st.

malio by banned books

lake of memory by banned books

dream castle by banned books

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  1. Banned books is respendent Dionysian Pop - ya heard it here first!