Thursday, 25 August 2011

Robedoor Spirals Ever Downward...

Doom psychedelia has never sounded so sinister as it does in the hands of LA drone merchant Robedoor. Always the productive megalo-alchemist, Robedoor has released a couple of items in the past couple of months. First up there was Rock Bottom, a cassette put put by the inimitable Night People label (buy here), and the hiss and gurgle of the tape adds the resonance that such discordant, somnambulist dirge craves and desires. Then along came Too Down To Die (he's a cheery chap, isn't he?) on Not Not Fun Records, and its a step up in production but relatively more of the same. But to be fair, who does anything like this, with the same longevity and intensity, with this much productivity and creativity? No one, that's who. I thought his Pacific Drift was killer - seems like that was just another stepping stone...

Robedoor - Back On The Ground (from Rock Bottom)
Robedoor - (In The) Cybershade-Universal Migration (from Too Down To Die)

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