Saturday, 20 August 2011

A Ceremony To Bury Strangers

Virginian duo Ceremony are Paul Baker and John Fedowitz. This name isn't the most helpful, as there already exists a band called Ceremony who are amazing hardcore denizens (you should do yourself a favour and hunt down their 2010 album Rohnert Park - fucking rad). But these guys are also worthy. Both share duties on every noisy instrument they can get their grubby fingers on, and then infuse it all with a skewed sense of pop. Paul and John were also two thirds of the highly revered band Skywave along with Oliver Ackermann, now the lead man for A Place To Bury Strangers. The similarities are certainly there - Im not kidding about the noise factor! - but as is evidenced on their latest EP Not Tonight, it fits a little more inherently to the shoegaze modus operandi. Its five tracks of dissonant gorgeousness, likely to blast the earwax out and let love into your heart - intravenously of course...

Not Tonight is out now on Custom Made Music.

Ceremony - Not Tonight

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