Thursday, 25 August 2011

Sink Claws Into Baby Hawk

Eli Reyes is a busy chap...

I mentioned the fact that he played in two Fresno bands, Fay Wrays and The Quiet Americans, a fortnight ago (here and here respectively), and here is the album from his third band, Rademacher. Baby Hawk is actually the first installment in a three part record (hence the subheading Part I of III, I guess...), and is a concept album about a band (also called Baby Hawk) that strives to reach Foo Fighters heights, yet look into the abyss and feel themselves fall... Yet for all of that, its an engaging indie listen, and deserving of your time. You can grab it from their Bandcamp here. And sing along as they caw,

"made a record and a t-shirt and in a minute I was famous, I was lucky to be where I was when I was me I was totally free I was totally raaaaaaadddd!"

Rademacher - Exes For Eyes
Rademacher - Baby Hawk

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