Sunday, 28 August 2011

Kuato's Summer

Photo courtesy of Ashley Theriault

Ah Kuato, you crazy kids! If you don't remember, these Halifax-based, Total Recall-monikered post rockers put out an EP earlier this year called Winter - and the songs, whilst brooding numbers, held titles as deliriously stupid as 'Schindler's Lisp'. The brilliance of this is that, as genre compatriots (and veritable gods) Mogwai can attest to, the titles are superfluous, so why not make them weird and funny? To follow the trend and the seasons, the new EP is called Summer and features equally awesomely retarded song titles, as can be seen with the track on offer below. The others? 'Frances The Mutant' and 'Iraqnophobia' (my personal fave). It continues the progressive meanderings these guys are constructing within the instrumental rock realm, and the juxtaposition between posturing aural ruminations and cathartic swathes of electric storm is effective as always. You can check this EP out over at Acadian Embassy. Get into this Kuato before the TC remake butchers it for all and sundry...

Kuato - Afghanistandard

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