Saturday, 20 August 2011

Missing The Wrestling In The London Nursing Home

Its weird how you can ignore what's in your backyard until you move away. Let's Wrestle were always playing London shows in the three years I was floating about, yet I systematically ignored any press that surrounded them - in fact, I had never listened to a song. Then a month ago a friend handed me their latest LP, Nursing Home - and while it doesn't set the world on fire, it certainly has fun trying, and makes me yearn for just a little bit of time back so that I could fit one of their live shows into the plethora I managed to catch. They straddle the line between silly and sincere, raw and ridiculous, yet the tightrope act is a worthy one for the most part. Its certainly great for a silly, drunken Saturday afternoon...

Nursing Home, is out now via Merge Records.

Let's Wrestle - In The Suburbs
Let's Wrestle - Dear John

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