Sunday, 28 August 2011

Hits From The Box #30 - Breaking The Hoodoo

Today I havent done near enough work. When there are 36 items on your to do list, and only four of them are crossed off at 2.30pm, you know you are up against it. But Im nonplussed - for the Wallabies beat the All Black in the Bledisloe Cup to claim the Tri-Nations trophy. For the vast majority of the Sonic Masala collective (AKA you), that will either mean nothing to you, or you will give less than a gnat's shit. But to me, the win by the Aussie rugby team over their New Zealand counterparts is a momentous occasion, and one that needs to be basked in. The six pack of acts below aren't pump up songs, or sport related, but they will either salve the wounds I just inflicted upon you by delving to bring up sport, or will prove to be a beautiful sonic backdrop whilst you bask in the glow of the Green & Gold. Enjoy my children...

Antiques kick us in amazingly tasteful style. You may not get that impression when you hear the first strains of opening track 'Turn Me Loose' off their album JWNS, but when it pushes through the whispery AM radio soup into a raucous rollick, you know these Texans are bringing the jam and laying it on thick, just the way you like it. JWNS pays its dues with increasing fervour the more you listen to it, which should be often. Incredibly this is Antiques' fourth album. I say incredibly, as I should have heard of these guys well before now. Jump on this bandwagon and weigh it down - we want them hanging around for a long time yet...

Antiques - Turn Me Loose
Antiques - Everybody! Do The Twist!

Native Slacker is from San Diego. This 2 track, self-titled release is murky, and true to their name it oozes slackerdom like a sponge overflowing with nicotine tar. The malaise will threaten to swallow you whole - promise.

Native Slacker - Native Slacker
Native Slacker - 90s TV

Whilst Im not even sure that Cymbal Rush will continue to be this band's name in the foreseeable future, it's what this Nebraska outfit called itself at the time of writing this. Their single, 'Don't Trust Me', is an infectious bit of indie rock candy, something to chew on and mull over with its urgent rhythms and slightly dark mannerisms, a darkening in the sky. Its like the electric smell in the air before a lightning storm. Whatever happens with the name, make sure you give us more of this.

Cymbal Rush - Don't Trust Me

I'm not sure I love the name Sleeping Bags, but the track this Californian band offered me certainly helped to allay any judge-band-by-moniker allusions. The summery "vibe" of California pervades the duo's music, yet infused with a heady slathering of shoegaze in case you found yourself falling asleep on the sand without putting any sunscreen on. You are so burnt that any position hurts, so you can't sleep. You pull out yr headphones and drift off, half-dreaming. This is the kind of pop-shoegaze - a bit of melancholy and honey - that you might need for such occasions. They also have a 12" coming out soon on LA's Easter Everywhere Records.

Sleeping Bags - Park

Steffaloo aka Stephanie Thompson, a Los Angeles native, has lent her haunting vocals to collaborative projects with Blackbird Blackbird, Germany Germany, Sun Glitters, and Billy Comfort. So it's amazing to hear the ethereal chanteuse on her first ever release on vinyl - an all new single featuring "On Fire" - a stripped-down haunting ballad with b-side "The Red Runs Free" that offers a beautiful wash of surreal guitar for the release.

Steffaloo - The Red Runs Free

Finally, here's a Gaslight Anthem-esque outlet for a couple of Anti-Flag members...wait, what? Yeah, expect some random punk/hardcore references this week... White Wives are about to release new album Happeners (on Adeline Records), which showcases unexpected and strong pop sensibilities with big, anthemic choruses. Ive had a couple of listens to the album, and it ain't half bad - this isnt one of the stronger songs on it, but it still serves it's purpose, and rounds us out nicely...

White Wives - Spinning Wheels

Happy Sunday!

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