Monday, 21 May 2012

Welcome To Vacant Valley

The tops dude behind Vacant Valley in Melbourne has been putting out some amazing underground releases in the past couple years, such as Jouissance, Cured Pink and Penguins. There are some choice releases on the way too, two of which I'm am super psyched about.

Brisbane noise trio Psy Ants will soon be calling it a day, but not before unleashing onto the world their first (and obviously only) release, the Bit Tongue Prik 12". They played the first ever Sonic Masala Presents, and promptly blew everything away. It'll be sad to see them go, but at least this means there will be a physical keepsake that doesn't require sneaking into their bathroom to get locks of hair.

Also bringing out a 12" is Melbourne act Pop Singles. They have been peddling their guitar pop smut for a while with a few cassettes and such out there, but All Gone will be their first LP. I've only heard this track off the album but suffice to say I like where it is heading.

Expect to hear more when the waxen goodies come out, but until then, enjoy the tracks below!

Psy Ants - Spike
Pop Singles - All Gone

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