Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Ekra Surpasses Men

Ekra is a husband/wife duo from Queens, NY. Mr. Press (bass/vox) and Mrs. Press (drums/vox) have been playing together since 2004. In 2007 they reduced themselves to a two piece, and expanded their sound using effects pedals and drum machines. MEN is their second album (although they have recently put out a live release, Live at Spike's Hill), and it contains three mammoth tracks of experimental psych exploration. The duo call their musical stylings "okapi," after the distinct looking African mammal. These are intriguing sojourns into the labyrinthine chasms of darkness that can exist in elongated rock breakdowns - the shortest track here, 'A Lil' Called Strength', comes in at just under eleven minutes - and makes for a complicated, yet ultimately rewarding listen. Everything is in its right place then - and the band promise they are just getting started. We can only hope.

Ekra - Tributary
Ekra - Ruble Blues

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