Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Making It In Barcelona

I stumbled across this band when scouring Bandcamp last month, and have been suitably blown away. Sure there will be some apparent My Disco comparisons, but on their self-titled EP Sydney band Making really own their territory here. Its hard to find much out about a band called Making, but suffice to say the music talks for them. Muscular yet spare, repetitive yet adventurous, these six tracks really resonate. This kind of fever-pitched tension doesn't come around every day, especially when it is sustained across an entire record. Again, the My Disco allusions will come across here, but so what? My Disco are one of the most innovative rock bands on the planet. There is plenty of room on that plateau for some other upstarts to bring their angry nihilistic minimalism to the fray.

Grab the EP here.

Making - AB
Making - Boy

NB - Since stalling and screwing about in getting this post done, Making have released a new single, 'Barcelona'. It still follows in the same vein as the EP, but is somewhat warmer in texture. A great track. Can't wait to see what coalesces out of this excellent beginning.

Making - Barcelona

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