Friday, 18 May 2012

Deceptive TANK All About Nostalgic Slack And Minds On One Track

Bands choosing simplistic monikers to disappear in a Google camouflage is a double edged sword. On the one hand it means you aren't pandering to the man. Yet for those genuinely interested in finding more, it's a massive flipping of the bird. Brooklyn band TANK certainly stay under the radar, but this is an absolute shame as their six-track self-titled EP is pretty killer, and deserves to be picked up by all and sundry.

Let's start off with 'Assorted Reactors.' TANK cast their Pavement pogs into the ring from the get go. Yet there are other connections here that Im sure these dudes didn't even see coming. Second track 'One Track Mind' reminds me so much about the jangly guitar pop of underrated 90s Aussie heroes Gaslight Radio (or any number of Aussie bands from the mid to late 90s) as well as some of those Flying Nun gurus that it spins me into a nostalgic whirl everytime I hear it. There are GBV vibes throughout this EP too - Robert Pollard's essence runs deep on a track like 'Donna', that's for sure. It's loud yet incredibly melodic, just as the slacker gods proclaim it should be. Pick it up for free over here.

TANK - Assorted Reactors
TANK - One Track Mind

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