Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Floored By Unity Of Women's Golf

This has been out for some time - last year I think - but seeing as Sydney's Unity Floors has only just come to my attention in the past month, I think it's safe to talk about it anew. Besides, it's very likely that anyone outside of Sydney will have heard their excellent 7" Women's Golf, which is a goddamned shame, because it is one of the best slices of slacker pop to come from Australia for a few years - and there has been some excellent rock releases delving in this territory from this fine land recently. It's nostalgic, it's rambling, it's archaic, it doesn't care. But best of all, it's full of more hooks than the world's biggest shower curtain (six posts in one day is frying my vernacular...).

What I'm sayin is, this is a must have. Grab it here - you will NOT regret it (it's $3! Chump change!).

PS Got to see these guys kick it out when out on my Sydney fact-finding mission back in April, and they were just as good as they are on this record, if not better. There really are some quality acts going round in Sydneytown - hopefully Sonic Masala can lure a few up over the border for a show or two...

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