Thursday, 31 May 2012

Nihiti! For Ostland! Prost!

Nihiti's album For Ostland came out this week. I posted about their 'The Ringing In (The Sun Is Rung)' track last year - what a crazy bag of awesome that was! Well, the longplayer does ramp up the insidious, glacier-cold electronics that grew out of the tail end of their last album Other People's Memories. I have to say I miss some of the no wave leanings that floated around the periphery of their earlier tracks, yet these new songs certainly hold a stronger sense of self for the band, albeit a dark, aberrant one, especially with the industrial noise that bursts forth in unexpectedly painful yet blissful waves. May these sonic vampires never come out of the shadows.

For Ostland is on Lo Bit Landscapes - get it in smoky transparent vinyl here.

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