Friday, 4 May 2012

A Mutual Holy Drowning

I don't often agreed with UK blogmasters Drowned In Sound in recent months (although I seem to be one in the vast minority that thinks the new Chromatics albums is so overrated that it has disappeared up its own arsehole, so that could also be my problem haha!). But sometimes we are in sync, such as our mutual love for Errors' new album (goddamn that is a great record...).

Then I got sent this EP by new skids on the Glasgow block Holy Esque - and it seems that the DiS crew and I aren't so disparate after all. The energetic four-track taster is spiked with sweaty tension, yet is driven by a manic pop mantra that infuses bands such as Future Islands or Modest Mouse, two vastly different bands that ultimately mirror these notions when on song. Plus, those vocals from frontman Pat Hynes remind me of Murder City Devils' Spencer Moody, rasping and yelping his way into an apoplectic epiphany. There are connections to Scottish compatriots The Twilight Sad as far as the emotive muscle to their instrumentation is concerned, yet this is the type of individualistic, lightning-in-a-bottle kind of opening salvos that promises very big things. And to think these guys, who recently scored a Wu Lyf support, are unsigned, is nigh on ridiculous.

Get Holy Esque's EP - I implore you.

Holy Esque - Ladybird Love

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