Friday, 27 July 2012

G.E.T. N.E.C. N.O.W.

As you all well know (well, you should at any rate), Atlanta psych group The N.E.C. are fucking rad, and one of my favourite bands. Great guys too. Would love to bring them over to this side of the pond, show them around, show them how it's DONE. But until that happens, I'll make do with listening to their great releases. Their new one is coming out next week. Last Point of Radiation is what is on the tin. OVE:EVO/Spective Audio are putting the sucker out, and it's going to be a cracker. How do I know? Because their new track is awesome. Listen to it N.O.W. (see what I did there? Bloody genius!) Seriously, this kinda kosmiche psych rock gets me every time, make an album of it and I'm yours.

Pre-order Last Point Of Radiation here - get in early for the clear vinyl!

The NEC - N.O.W.

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