Friday 13 July 2012

Coming At You With Two Dull Knives

I've had a self-imposed week long exile from Planet Masala, but I'm back to grace you with some off-kilter music. Both of these releases come from Texan label Dull Knife, and are not to be missed.

If this label sounds familiar, it is because they released the excellent Snake People LP by Houston degenerates Balaclavas, which Sonic Masala was a very big fan of (thanks to Si for passing that one my way). The trio back that effort up with Second Sight, an EP that continues to blur the lines between dub-based synth and drum machine patter with darker rock terrain. There is a harder edge to these four tracks that licks at the edges of the best of 90s goth industrial electroclash (I'm looking at The Faint there...), which on this day's sonic terrain is a refreshing anomaly. This has some sexy ass vinyl too - check it out above! - which you can purchase here.

Balaclavas - Second Sight

The newer release is Love Everlasting, a gossamer-light fingerpicking affair from Zachary Cale. There is a great temptation to lump Cale next to Dylan due to that voice, but this is more in the realms of shimmering alt-country meandering than an imitation of the forebears of folk. Vastly different in sound and stature to Balaclavas, yet highlights the eclectic nature of Dull Knife, their wide-reaching tastes, yet their impeccable choices. You can grab this 7" here.

Zachary Cale - Love Everlasting

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