Friday, 13 July 2012

Big Branch Hangs Over God's Town

Small label Texas Is Funny have released In Love, a 7" split between The Grasshopper Lies Heavy (whose two tracks here are pretty much slay everything) and these guys, God Townes, and I have been impressed since my first listen around a month ago. The quartet (now with new drummer Josh Huskin on the skins) eschew their noise-punk origins (coming out of the ashes of Sohns) for a darker, dynamic dirge, akin to Southern brethren Young Widows with a dash of Girls Against Boys. These two tracks are a great calling card for what could very well be an interesting couple of years for both bands.

Buy the 7" split here. It is well worth the vinyl. Or you can grab the digital album here.

God Townes - Big Branch
God Townes - W.H.A.N.S

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