Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Pyramids Split The Throne On Horseback

This comes out today in physical form, a good harbinger of what's to come from the excellent Hydra Head Records stable. Whilst I'm familiar with the dark experimentalists Pyramids (whose self-titled debut release is also physically available here in clear, slate blue and black vinyl - yum!), Horseback are new to me. However the two bands are kindred spirits, with A Throne Without A King Pt. 2 being an hours of atmospheric dankness the likes of which strangely lights up my life. I love listening to this kind of music when the rains beat down on a sinister summer afternoon, when the sun is an eerie instagram-esque hue, and today is one of those days, so guess what I'm off to do? Check out the first two individual tracks below, but the true joy is the collaborative suite, which you need to purchase this release for. Worth every dirty penny.

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