Thursday, 6 September 2012

Vale Night Manager

It's with a heavy heart that I sign off tonight with Night Manager's first EP. That should be a reason for celebrations, right? No, because despite its innate awesomeness, the Brooklyn band have also announced their imminent demise, making it their final and farewell EP also. BOO!

Here is what the band have to say:

"It marks the end of our almost 2 year long tenure--a lot of great times were had and we wanna thank you and everyone else who's listened, written or cared enough to tell others about our music."

Short and sweet, that's them all right. You really should head over here and get this, it's so strong, the best thing they have done! (Put it out on vinyl damn you!). I really hope they come out in other forms, and soon. I miss you already!

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