Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Large Lepers Make Shit Music Colourful

Italian label Lepers released two albums from one of their founding artists, Alexander de Large, and they are a collective showcase of his eclectic, almost nihilistic take on the acoustic singer/songwriter tag. You will see elements of GG Allin, Dan Melchior and (closer to home) Amateur Childbirth and Peter Black in the tracks on Shit Music, which is anything but, an album chock full of pop tunes that are skewed in every way imaginable. Then there is Colours, another acoustic sojourn into the strange, acerbic recesses of his soul.

You can download both albums (plus a lot lot more) here.

Alexander de Large - Staring At The Washing Machine
Alexander de Large - Sonny Lived In A Bungalow

Alexander de Large - Blue

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