Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Lonesome Golden Poltergeists

Let's close out the night with some unexpected bumps in the night courtesy of UK artist Poltergeists. In the past he has been likened to a mix of Portishead, Bon Iver and Aphex Twin, and whilst such influences can be found floating in the haunting mix, there is much more going on than mere decoupage. On second album Golden Stairs we have a plush exploration of atmospherics and isolation, effects that have come from writing a narrative before recording music to complement it, almost like scoring his own imagination. It's an ambient slowburn, and one that creeps into the subconscious surreptitiously, before it is scoring your own, most lonely thoughts.

Grab Golden Stairs here, it's a good little release.

Poltergeists - Q & A

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