Sunday 10 August 2014

Scared Of Christian Fitness

Being a rabid Mclusky/Future Of The Left fan, it would be remiss of me if I didn't shine some light on Falco's "solo" gear, Christian Fitness. A project that came about due to unexpected unemployment (yes, even the best of us are privy to corporate buggery), the album I Am Scared Of Everything That Isn't Me (the amazing titles never cease) doesn't feel throwaway but a natural extension of FOTL, flitting back and forth from the delightfully acerbic bilge pump of a Welshman's canon with zeal. And why not? When touring and playing music is your lifeblood yet monetary constrainst don't allow for continual stints of sonic sustenance, and even the promise of funds through the millstone of the 9-to-5 is skittishly torn from your mewling mouth, what better is there to pour the frustrated energy into a new creative more? It's difficult to focus on one element, but I will state that I always like the slow-fast, quiet-loud changeovers that Falkous employs in songs - it doesn't have the breakneck velocity/ferocity of possibly the best of his songs, but he knows when it is important to revel in the lead-in, the tension, the slow build, the lyrics underscored before the noise falls in. They tend to the longest songs on the album, and oft overlooked, yet their lack of brevity is calibrated for impact. Therefore 'Disturbing The Ache' is my current favourite on the album. It doesn't have the same impact on me as say 'Lapsed Catholics', but that's probably because 'Disturbing The Ache' is more...twisted. Although it changes daily - tomorrow I'm likely to be obsessed with 'Teeth' or maybe the straight up punk swirl flaildown that is 'Feel Good Hit Of The Second Trimester' or the viscous closer 'The Earth Keeps Its Secrets'... And that is where I Am Scared... is at - it's a twisted melange of twiddling thumbs and itchy trigger fingers, forked tongues and flying spit, grins of chagrins and howls of maniacal disdain. And may he never change. Grab the CD here - he needs the money - and believe me, you do too.

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