Friday 1 August 2014

Blasting The Lucern Haze Through The Ozone

Luke Reilly, he of much missed London malcontents Sex Beet (the band) and most recently PNKSLM (the label), has been sequestered in Sweden helping the likes of Al Lover, Sudakistan and Black Mekon get their fetid faces out there. Now he is doing the rock and roll thang of his own devising, under the name Lucern Raze, and the debut single 'Sunshine Blues' is silly, loud, raucous, sunny, scuzzed up ecstasy.

Grab the limited 7" here. PNKSLM are busy with shows all over the shop, including a showcase at the Liverpool Psych Fest and their Label Mates day at Shacklewell Arms late August, so expect the party juggernaut to roll psychotically on.

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