Tuesday 5 August 2014

Like Sounds Through the Hourglass Tonight

(Post by Fred Savage Beasts)

I’ve been slightly scared for me to sit down and write something about the new Sounds Like Sunset album. This has been a band that I’ve always, in the truest sense of the word, admired. That might sound like a worrying start to a review. Rest assured however, this is no “Dinosaur Jr. has a lot to answer for…”

The tough part is this: Sounds Like Sunset songs have always sidled in at fairly massive turning points in my and many of my friends' lives. They have slowly worked their way through space and time to come to define moments, the best and the worst. Sounds Like Sunset songs are weddings, moving out, getting busted by the cops, moving home after getting busted by the cops. If you can grasp the sense of this, you’re closer to understanding why putting this album on for the first time made me both nostalgic and worried that my wife might be suddenly pregnant – or want a divorce.

There is real beauty to be found in ‘We Could Leave Tonight’. It’s honest and self-effacing and glows the colour of burning tubes. It is an album that doesn’t demand you listen to it, and it won’t whine when you don’t, but you’ll listen to it anyway. It’s lost but it’s finding its way. It’s turning in circles and falling over. It’s looking up at the stars while it’s down there. That might read as lame to you. Maybe so. But you probably never greened out on a cop's shoes and had to move back in with your parents to sort your life out.

Available now on Brisbane’s legendary Tym Records - grab it here.

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