Tuesday 5 August 2014

Lost In The Caprice With The Old Man And You

You might know Michael Whitney from underrated Brisbane brooders Nite Fields (who actually have that long-gestating album on the way - Chinese Democracy mk II!!!) but he has also been floating around in the ether as the incredibly difficult to do anything with moniker, You. The subtle, embryonic pop that Whitney styles as You has brought about some intimate and affecting shows in the past. Having brought on Luke Zahnleiter (ex Tape/Off and The Rational Academy guitarist) though You takes on a new light, with Whitney becoming increasingly bolder in his compositions. His first physical release is coming in the form of a 7" out through Lost Race Records (responsible for Nite Fields, Cobwebbs and Loomer releases), and you can sample the discombobulated jazz blues of 'Caprice' below. The haunting sax is such a beautiful touch here, somehow sparking Whitney's dreary, downtrodden warble into life (just) and providing a shimmering layered sound. Then there is the B-side 'Old Man', which is a studied strum on laconic downer spirals, designed solely to spirit ice down your spine. Breathtaking.

You can get You's limited edition 7" on Friday - pre-order it here. You plays in full band mode (Heidi Cutlack and Alec Tullio round out You) Thursday August 7 at The Bearded Lady in Brisbane alongside SM faves Dag and No Magic.

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