Friday 8 August 2014


Tomorrow evening if you are in London you should really make your way to The Lexington. I have seen some incredible gigs there - the My Disco/Factory Floor/Snowman one still resonates, but there have been LOADS. But tomorrow looks like it could surpass these. Why? Because besides the hellishly exciting lineup, including spiked stalwarts Trash Kit, abrasive bruisers Silent Front, the discombobulated musings of Grimm Grimm, the atomic bomb in an electrical storm that is WEM and the devilish dervish Skinny Girl Diet, an extremely rare headline act awaits. Bletchley's finest pack of noise drunkards Action Beat are collating friends and ferals alike in a tour de force performance, fronted by none other than founder of Dutch blitzkrieg kings themselves The Ex, GW Sok. DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW. It kicks off 5pm tomorrow. Want more reason? Try a five quid entry. You have been told...

So in anticipation of a mixtape "thing" that we are looking to start doing here (although a Soundcloud playlist is super easy to conduct - I promise things will be more intricate next time...) here is a playlist of what the band/s have been doing in the past year (except Trash Kit, but they are Trash Kit, you should know their MO already).

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