Wednesday 20 August 2014

Downward Synth Spiral With The French Police

Today seems to be a day of downward synth spirals - first Stress Waves, and now this split between Montreal bands Police des Moeurs and Essaie Pas (out through great French label Atelier Ciseaux). This is much more frantic in its delivery though, more evident of its post-punk origins, but still decidedly cyberpunk in fifty shades of black. Atonal vocals, stark percolating beats, spider-run synth, all creating a melody that jerks and twitches, seduces and shudders. If you have been a fan of the Dark Entries label reissues, or just love your underground early European electronic music with minimal/maximal cool, then this is absolutely for you. Burning in the shadows, giving into desires, freezing out the lesser-thans, indulging in the new flesh.

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