Wednesday 6 August 2014

G. Green Can Get (Brain)Fucked

What's with the foulmouthed headings this week? I don't know anymore...the youth these days...rabble rabble rabble...

G. Green won't care. Their latest song is called 'Brain Fuck' so, you know, peer pressure and all. But the Sacramento four-piece don't just dish out vitriol and swears, for the track is more about flailing limbs and destroying spaces with a euphoric yet glazed expression on your face. And these guys certainly have tightened things riiiiiiight up since last record Crap Culture. Not that people getting more proficient is always beneficial, but here it lends a supreme urgency that the band didn't own before, and means that they can literally lead us anywhere. Including down an alleyway of our mind from some sordid cross-wrist action.

'Brain Fuck' will be out on Area Codes, their new LP on Mt.St.Mtn. Records.