Sunday 10 August 2014

Belated Miles Brown Electrics

This release, the first for newly minted Australian label It Records, came out at the beginning of the year and I meant to give it some lip service then. Then Miles Brown's "day job", The Night Terrors, released Spiral Vortex and that took my attention away from his solo 7" Electrics, which is pretty damn fun I must say. It came up on my peripheral vision again when I tried to book both Brown and his band for the Gazar Strips tour of Melbourne in May but to no avail... Anyway, no more excuses! Let's talk about Electrics, a small-player that shows the more aggressively playful side of Brown. Still using theremin (he is a theremin musician after all), Brown has included more febrile synth pop compositions here. Nothing ever veers to far from the darkened corners of The Night Terrors, but with 'Electrics' there is a lilting synth line that feels graphically driven, a cel-coloured flicker through the digital landscape of a forever-night megacity, whilst Brown's hushed vocals drip silken androgyny; whilst the B-side 'Night Time' is even more visceral, a widescreen synthetic freakout fuelling the best kind of futurist noir. Not as nihilistic or silly as Multiple Man (remembering that therein holds that band's infinite charm), yet Brown's sepulchral segues are exciting deluges in multilayered electrics - hence the name...

You can buy Electrics here. There is also an amazing remix compilation of Electrics that features twelve - yes, TWELVE - remixes of the single, from the likes of Kangaroo Skull (of My Disco), Prolife (ex-Slug Guts members), Justin Fuller (of ZOND) and more. As you know I am often wary of such things, but this one is incredible. Get it here.

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