Tuesday 12 August 2014

No One Is Leaving Here Homeless

There is something going on in Sydney. Something very different to what the harbourside restaurants, beaches and opera houses would have you believe. There is something soaking up through the drains, rising through the damp. And it’s asking questions. What about the rest of us? The ones who don’t get a run in your elevators and views and corner offices?

Yes I’m Leaving are at the forefront of it. The forefront of a disaffected noise that pummels and pummels at the wrought iron bars of old Sydney. Forget your interior design anxieties and fall back into your foam mattress; this is a world away from the innocuous pleasantries of the latest inner city wine bar. It’s stained and loud and open to everyone.

Pre-order your copy of Slow Release from Homeless Records to get one of the hundred Grey Splatter versions. Because if ‘One’ is anything to go by, Grey Splatter is the colour this should be. They are honestly one of the best bands in Australia.

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