Tuesday 25 February 2014

Draaging A Melancholy Smile - A Triptych Of Tracks...And I Fall

This post is waaaaaaay old, but I like these bands, and I'm barely coherent to do much else, so fuck it, here you are.

New Zealanders Trust Punks. I don't trust em. 'Draag' doesn't make me change my mind either. But then Ill still give em beer money, because I'm stupid like that. Nah, they are pretty damn ace. They supported Wire in Auckland the other day. That's all you really need to know.

A shoegaze Joy Division is what one mate told me when I played Brighton band Morning Smoke's 'Melancholy' to him. High praise. I see where he's coming from, but there are more interesting things going on than a likeminded work shifted to a different genre. I can spin superlatives all night long, but I'm wasted, so just listen to the cavernous sound. I mentioned them a while back, and my opinion hasn't shifted. They have an EP on the very near horizon, are playing a Daytrotter session in April too - so this is the start.

We all need a Smile every now and again, and with something this jangly that still refuses to sit down and take it easy, you have to be pretty coldhearted to not return the favour. They brought out an album last year in Life Choices... My words are failing me - sorry guys - but rest assured that this is a great track from a Melbourne band that should get theirs in 2014.

Man, this was a nothing post. Just listen to the music over and again - that's what it's all about. Night. True Detective, Steam and Anchor Pale Ale and Pizza Capers munging beckons. I got paid - time to get my dues.

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