Monday, 2 December 2013

SCRATCHIN' ROUND - Sealion, Foolish Atoms, Milo's Planes

All I know is that this is rad. The group choruses, the wrist-wrangling guitar and nonchalant nods make me want to chuck down all the work I have to do and drive straight to a show. Or a dilapidated beach shack. Or better: a show at a dilapidated beach shack. There I could wear the same clothes for a week and let the salty air work its magic. I could put Sealion on repeat through the sunlight hours and try to nail the harmonies in between falling off a yellow old surfboard.

The pissed (of the late night uninhibited conversation type) pop of Kenneth is out through the fantastic Lo-life records (more on them later this week) now.

And if the evening rolled on nicely and the stars rolled out nicely then I'd move out to the sand and feel my way through the new Foolish Atoms release. Collections of gas would become numinous and numerous as I'd stare on and on out towards where it all began. I might even try to explain to any passers-by about how we are the universe becoming aware of itself. And if they didn't want to listen I wouldn't mind either, A Crack in the Glass Eye would be enough to sustain me for the evening.

You can find your own copy through The Adult Teeth Recording company now.

After getting all nestled in you might think I'd be pissed off when the neighbours started making a racket, but not if it turned out to be these two brothers from Bristol. Anyone keen enough to use a Catch 22 reference in their name is okay with me. Plus this is good fizzy stuff. It's the kind of stuff we all need every now and then to keep us on the level. 'New Tricks' is the pick for me here. It kinda reminds me of  rougher DZ Deathrays. Milo's Planes; sell all the cotton you got and get yourself a copy today.

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  1. Anonymous2/12/13 22:05

    going to see foolish atoms album launch this week - will be one sweet party. So glad you are talking about them down under.