Saturday, 14 December 2013

These Nightmares Provide Bad Patterns, Boyzzz...

Slovenly Records have gladly released the fuzz-drenched pustule that is Nightmare BoyzzzBad Patterns LP onto the world – and thank fuck they have. The Alabama (?) fourpiece are punk heathens sacrificing virgin hippies at the altar of the Buzzcocks and the Queers (EARLY Queers, mind – don’t whisper "Everything's OK" three times into the mirror, these scumbots will flay you right there in your shoebox-sized bathroom). They are either out of their heads, stomping on yours, being sarcastic about your life situation or getting real with your mum. Slovenly reckons that Bad Patterns is “supersonic beer drenched grime (with) more hooks than a barbed wire love affair.” Straight outta the Sonic Masala guidebook for lurid, stupid yet oh-so-good analogies there guys – I’m with ya all the way. Whilst the title track is pretty hard to beat (seeing as it’s the openenig track and all), the likes of the adversely popping ‘Valium’, the brilliant ‘Baby’s All Right” and the swinging ‘My Body Breaks Down’ amongst a myriad of others, there’s no room to breathe and no time to waste. Get this, NOW.

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