Friday 6 December 2013

Party like it's 1949

Can you remember the first time you saw the filmclip for 'Gold Soundz'. You know, the one with the marauding Santas? For some reason this is the first thing I though of listening to War Party. They somehow - via some juke joint -  capture that same attitude. But if it's throwback, then it's with a wonky frisbee. This is pathos and pop, don't wop (as they call it). It's like some sort of nod to the tired and decrepit, those on their final bet, about to roll snake eyes and shake it out into the night sky.

War Party scratch at the stars. If that makes sense? Maybe they tilt at it then? Whatever they do, they realise its kinda hopeless in the long run, but that's okay, you gotta try to do something alright or you'll never do anything at all. I am digging this vein running through all the Lo-life recordings releases at the moment. If they keep it up I may have to invest in a Santa suit, a lance and ticket to Fort Worth.
You can invest in Tomorrow's a Drag here.

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