Monday, 9 December 2013

Raising Umberto's Prophecy

This is an old album, but seeing as Prophecy Of The Black Widow has reared its ugly/beautiful head some few years after its black-rainbow birth on Sonic Meditations, all the better. LA based synth seducer Umberto has crafted a true midnight opus here, filled to the hilt with Giallo garishness, latex love, tantric trance, ethereal ebullience – it’s a glorious ride into a forbidden unknown, made for lurid 80s video obscurities and arthouse extravagance. The acrid smell of hard gloss made aural flesh. I am not giving the right amount of noise for how awesome this record is – to me this is a bona-fide classic. And thanks to Not Not Fun, you can now grab Prophecy Of The Black Widow on vinyl from here. The perfect perverted present for your illicit loved one.

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