Sunday 20 May 2012

These Patterns Create A New Species

Melbourne trio These Patterns brought out this darkwave moodpiece Species last year. Its an EP that revels in its strung out, murky instrumentation, a meditation on sustenance and evolution. 'Begin' is the shortest track yet the screeching warbles that punctuate the last sixty seconds bleed into mammoth 'Forestry And Furniture', effectively throwing you down the rabbit hole, a nightmare and a migraine meeting in the eye of a hurricane. The title track is a metronomic exercise that echoes some of My Disco's more languid moments, deviating into elongated elements of echoed despair. The vocals are a nice touch here. 'Visionary' explodes in comparison, a shattered prism refracting all that came before in a myriad different colours and volumes.

Species is an ace release, I guess is what I'm getting at. You can grab it here for the grand total of nada. Thanks guys - come to Brisbane soon, yeah?

Species - Visionary

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