Friday 25 May 2012

One Warped Biography

i don't even know where to go with this. I looked at one warped release yesterday in Mutts' Pray For Rain. Well, although I'm finding it easier to digest Boom.Period, the debut LP from Michigan trashcan pop duo Biography, it is definitely not of this world. This is the kind of warm studio pop that talented ensembles of the 70s would have created in a parallel universe. It's wonky, unrefined, jagged, yet infused with an innate sense of fun and frivolity, like the house band in the background of a Cold-War era D-grade sci fi rom com. If that existed. Which I'm sure it must have - that sounds too good to have passed up, right Larry Cohen?

Boom.Period can be gat here - it's well worth it, it's grafting onto my inner ear as we speak.

Biography - Hope Is What We Aim For
Biography - A Great Lakes Song

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