Friday 4 May 2012

Hozac Nation

Ive been remiss for not listing some killer Hozac releases lately (sorry Radar Eyes!), so I thought I would deliver a hefty spark of releases that are all ace, some incendiary...

Let's start with one of the latter then. I have been a massive fan of Nice Face since Can I Fuck It?'s arrival that showcase the NYers' penchant for visceral punk noise abandon, and Inner Etwas (on Sacred Bones) was the culmination of this. Now we have Horizon Fires, and it's a different approach, albeit abound with their trademark twisted malice and delight. And to celebrate its imminent depravity, I have a track to give you! Let the mind-meld begin... (And seriously give this dude the kudos he deserves!)

Nice Face - You're So Dramatic

Hands down the best album cover-album title connection so far this year (in my opinion) is Texan garage skronkers Rayon Beach with This Looks Serious. C'mon - how can you go past a washed out still of Steven and Alex P. Keaton in an earnest, angsty tete-a-tete? The music is as bombastic as their Death Rides A Horse 7" suggested, and although I think the mix could have been a touch pared back, allowing the music to breath rather than suffocate on the fuzz, it promises to be a great calling card, and handy when at a loose end and with a carton, an ounce and a lady at hand.

Let's step out with the first band I didn't know before my Hozac OD - Cozy. This Minneapolis boy band has in Cola Shock Kids enough pizazz, sugar and spice to get any heart racing, and are the perfect mix of the Monkees and the Ramones. Don't believe me? Have a taste below. These guys are rampantly stupid, and all the better for it. Get on this bad boy.

Plateaus are a San Diego quartet whose MO is bouncing, jangly mutated punk pop as it was meant to be. Forget those SoCal wipeouts, Plateaus exists solely to erase those inane memories and replace them with sweat, serotonin and saliva. And their A-Side to their 7" 'Do It For You' will crawl inside you and latch on like a tapeworm. Leave it there - it will make you stronger.

And finally, another band I had no idea about until this week is Far-Out Fangtooth, whose The Thorns 7" EP is pretty special. The title track is by far the best cut, whose plodding squall manages to explode without truly releasing the tension - almost like a phantom orgasm, it leaves you ecstatic and bewildered at the same time. I'm not sure if the Philly trio would like such a connotation, but it works for me. Anyway, here is the rad war propaganda video for said song, see what you think.

You can pre-order/buy these and many other ace releases over at the Hozac webstore here. If you don't already, keep an eye on this label at all times. They are the bizness.

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