Tuesday 8 May 2012

Cracked Off With The Fever

Ah, that dreaded day back after a long weekend. Well, hopefully these two balltearers will propel you in the right direction, kicking and screaming all the way.

That pesky Off! album is finally, FINALLY out today! And here is another track off it. I love that so many are being drip-fed to the rabid masses. Sure, most of the album will be accessible in bite-size pieces all over the Net, but that is punk! Give the fans what they want. And I need no nonsense punk to the crotch, stat.

Off! - Cracked

Ah fuck it - here is the whole album!

And of course we have this London trio to make sure this raging high is maintained. New track 'The Chair' is Fever Fever's first true single, and was put out yesterday through Kissability (whose first release was the UK distribution of Brisbane wunderkinds DZ Deathrays' Ruined My Life EP - they know their shit). It offers a more bridled facet of the trio, yet is still ballsy and plays with convention a lot, two things these Norwich hellraisers will always have in spades. This track is actually a bit like Blood Red Shoes, but not crap (Ill admit I used to like BRS, but I think they have disappeared down the mainstream/pretension hole...) Buy the cassingle here - these kids just keep getting better. They are playing The Great Escape this weekend too - check em out if you are there.

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