Monday 21 May 2012

These Indians Find A Bad Path Home

Now this 7" The Path Home by Bad Indians came out aaaaaaaaaages ago - the Michigan collective sent it to me in the early throes of the year, and it had been floating about for a few months by then - yet it somehow escaped me until the title track popped up on my playlist on the weekend. It's three slices of trash can garage that is as infectious as it is sloppy, soaked in tonnes of sunshine and party juice. After the reckless swagger of 'The Path Home', we get female vocals to up the sweetener on what segues into a mini psych squall in 'All Over Now', then slopes to the bar with 'So Long Sam' for some delicious last drinks. Every track kills, evoking some of the whacked out garage rock that is thrumming through the veins of Brisbane at the moment, with the likes of Tiny Migrants and Woodboot doing serious serrated damage around these parts, and seeing as I love that shit, then I love this shit.

The Path Home is out through Gingko Records - you can grab it here. They are about to release another 7" next month - expect to hear more about that then (or in 2014, the way I get around to stuff...)

Bad Indians - The Path Home
Bad Indians - All Over Now

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