Thursday 24 May 2012

It's Raining Mutts, Hallejullah!

Man, I'm not sure what to think with Pray For Rain, Chicago band Mutts' debut album. Opening with 'Fool', one of the strongest tracks on offer, it's nevertheless immediately apparent this isn't your average rock band. Firstly, the lead singer Mike Maimone sounds like Samuel T Herring from Future Islands doing his best Tom Waits impersonation. Then marry that to to chugging guitar and some meaty rhythms and you have the aforementioned Waits fronting a boozy grunge band. Things sway towards barroom swagger and swinging cabaret, yet nothing is ever cemented in any kind of regularity, or even reality. The Wurlitzer organ grind throughout is as iconic as Maimone's guttural tones, helping to further drive this macabre concoction that much further into a hyper reality akin to a Tim Burton saloon scene - if he ever had one. Try it out - its eclecticism may be your cup of tea.

Mutts - Fool
Mutts - Throwback

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