Tuesday 29 May 2012

Let Honeycomb Bones Never Change

I brought to your attention Evil Age, the second EP by UK duo Honeycomb Bones, last year. Here are four more tracks on their eponymous 3rd EP, and they are just as scuzzy and discordant as those that have preceded them, and still infused with swirling psychedelic flourishes. So nothing overtly different, then. But that isn't the point. Honeycomb Bones seem intent on slowly building up their oeuvre, tinkering here, tightening there - there is no need to reinvent the wheel when the wheel rocks as fine as it does. It opens with requisite claustrophobia and volume on 'Catherine Wheel', takes the pedal off just a tad with 'Devil In The Detail', 'Penny Black' stylises the content with an infected electronic beat that perturbs even as it remains buried under the rhythms, and closer 'Illuminator' proves a sting in the tail as it dissolves into a molten sludge of psych abandon. It's just a pleasant surprise to have some new material from these guys. I'm still awaiting their debut longplayer, but put the three EPs together and you pretty much have that anyway - and a cracker at that.

Grab Honeycomb Bones here.

Honeycomb Bones - Catherine Wheel

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