Friday 11 May 2012

VIDEO VACUUM - Explosions In The Sky, Joe McKee, Nikko, Fever Fever

Hectic personal life and hectic working life means my social life is taking a battering this week. As in, I don't have one. SO I'm locking myself away to reach deadlines and save cashola, all the while knowing there are at least four great shows on this weekend, three of which are one-offs (Eat Laser Scumbag! Nova Scotia! Keep On Dancins! Concentric Circuits! Erm...The Sips!) ARGH! So I really need encouragement. Here are some videos that are perking up my downward spiral...

No surprises that the first cab off the ranks is one of my all-time favourites, Austin gods Explosions In The Sky. This video for the brilliant 'Postcard From 1952' is their third from their latest record Take Care Take Care Take Care. Reminiscent of the also-stellar video for Youth Lagoon's 'Montana' in my opinion. Check it out (and, in my case, over and over...)

Joe McKee used to lead the darkly brilliant and sadly defunct Perth via London act Snowman, whose third album Absence made out best of lists last year. He hasn't been sitting idle - his first foray in solo guise is ready to drop! It's called Burning Boy, and will be available through Dot Dash/Remote Control on Friday May 25 (the day a certain music blog is hosting its best live lineup yet - coincidence? I think not! Actually, it is.) Here is the understated first single, 'Darling Hills'.

Another SM fave is Brissie Australian Gothic western marauders Nikko, and they too have a new LP in the wings. Gold & Red isn't out for a while yet (July 3 to be exact), but it sounds suitably apocalyptic. Yet it ain't all doom and gloom, as 'Smoke Alarms' (from their 7" precursor) attests. Here is the slick video:

Finally, some teething from Norwich, England's "finest" Fever Fever. 'The Chair' doesn't necessarily have the bombast and bite that 'Teeth' had, but the menace pervades this track. It's a gentle reminder that not all is well - and that I'm not going softly into the dark, dark night people...


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