Wednesday 16 May 2012

African Garage Blues Rock? La Paix!

Six posts! Yeow! OK, so this last record is incredibly special. Anyone who has seen and/or heared Tinawiren knows that Africa (and Mali in particular) have some incredible guitar-centric sounds floating out there in the ether. Well, last week I had the pleasure of listening to La Paix, the album from fellow Mali compatriot Alkibar Gignor (pronounced JIN-YOR). Distributed by blues label Little Axe Records (who have put out, amongst others, Dead Moon releases!) and hot-as-hell American via Saharan label Sahel Sounds, La Paix unleashes a hitherto unknown quantity onto Western ears - Malian music that doesn't revolve around acoustic guitars and accompanying calabash. This is truly astonishing stuff, bright and airy with an energising combination of traditional vocal harmonies with down-home electric jams.

This is one record that is a genuine pleasure from start to finish, and deserves to be in your collection - grab it here or here.

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