Sunday 20 May 2012

Don't Walk Away From These Modern Men

Modern Man is a four piece from South Carolina who brought out this album a little while ago (January last year). They already have another record out, which I am yet to take in, but if it's anything like Walk Away it should be pretty special. It's the kind of slow-grind, psychedelic drive that I love here at Sonic Masala, yet for a free - yes, free - album it is incredibly slick. They want you to have it for free "because they we enjoy making it". Sure, this isn't the most financially savvy way to get ahead in the music business, but true killer psych rock never is.

(I admit that this isn't the best review - I'm incredibly hung. But I'm breaking my rule of keeping a badly written post here, because Walk Away is my soundtrack today, and maybe it should be yours too).

You can grab Walk Away and new album Eyes No for free here.

Modern Man - Hotel
Modern Man - Judy Lies

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