Thursday, 17 September 2015

Stand Still, Stop Breathing

This has taken me by surprise. First of all, Ex-Breathers have a song that is more than a minute long. Secondly, it is three-and-a-half minutes long (I was slayed by their EXBX release of last year, a brutal yet giddily, maniacally fun - as much as an acid tongue lashing and pummelling can be considered fun). Thirdly, it is quite polished. But there is no need to worry - 'Stand Still', the first taste off their upcoming LP on Exploding In Sound, Past Tense, is a effectively bristling beast. It opens in a much more melodic manner than you might expect from these hardcore heathens, but the first lyrics, "This is not an end", makes it clear that this is a different type of trip. Think more in line with Double Dagger meets Cloud Nothings with Fugazi interludes, with more bottom-end aggression. I love how it cuts off, almost in mid-statement. Which is a statement in itself really... Yeah, I'm dead on board with this.

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