Monday, 7 September 2015

Sun Shines On Summer Flake

Steph Crase is back, just as the winter months start to thaw off in Melbourne, with a new Summer Flake song. 'The Sun Won't Shine' is a taste of her upcoming EP Time Rolls By, a precursor of her second album, and it is is luscious yet disarmingly plaintive as ever. The guitar is raw and licking feedback around the edges, and there is a moment or two that reminds me of Television for some reason (probably because I've been listening to Marquee Moon on my new turntable all day today). Positive fuzz, contemplative scuzz, with a Pavement-melting outro. It's a melancholy song about indecision about life choices, sure, but when it sounds as glorious as this, keep sitting on the fence, dude. Time Rolls By comes out through Rice Is Nice next month.

1 comment:

  1. wow that just kind of unravels and unrolls six happy ways to sunday!