Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Making Childbirth Bad

Seattle punk trio Childbirth are doing all they can to skewer gender bias and to kick arse with their upcoming LP Women's Rights (out through Suicide Squeeze Records later this month), all while pissing themselves at everyone else's expense. Their songs are often cheeky and outlandish, from 'Tech Bro' to 'Baby Bump' (about someone who brings cocaine to a baby shower). Even the seemingly dark grunge howl of 'Let's Be Bad' is a tongue-in-cheek look at what's expected of women who "let their hair down". But the violence inherent in the music isn't entirely anachronistic - the girls are here to rock as much as they are to take a stand - consider them Sleater-Kinney's irreverent younger siblings. You can pre-order Women's Rights right here - in Dish Glove Yellow, no less.

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  1. Thanks I love this. Another song from them has been knocking my socks off recently to, "Nasty Grrrls." Officially excited about this album now.